The Art

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The natural forces, which surround us, inspire John Eaton’s paintings: water, air, fire and earth. They are all used to express the artist’s thoughts about both the unity and uniqueness of these elements and they ways they relate to animals and humans.

Movement, volume and rhythm are all qualities particular to John Eaton's work. His paintings exude a kind of sober aestheticism where colours are discreet, yet they are rendered sensual and voluptuous through their luminosity and palpable quality.

The artist's velocity of gesture and quality of observation contribute to building a coherent, solid pictorial space where forms and colours come alive in a swirling impression of poetry and dream.

Book project

CUMMINGS'S FAIRY TALES with illustrations by John Eaton was published in 1965, three years after Cummings's death.

“Having being a good friend of E.E. Cummings, his wife Marion offered me the opportunity to illustrate Fairy Tales.”



Review by Maureen Korp, PhD (August 30th, 2020)


John Eaton's lifetime collection have now returned to his studio gallery in Rupert, Quebec. The artist is eternally grateful to the national and international galleries that have represented his work for more than sixty years.